On Your Way Down

Do Watcha Wanna

"That's What Lovers Do"

"Do Watcha Wanna"

Now fourteen months after Katrina hit New Orleans, on All Saints' Day, the characters remember their deceased loved ones and focus on continuing to cope with the struggles in their lives. Antoine is pressured by his girlfriend Desiree to get a more serious job. Toni appears to have parenting issues with her daughter Sofia, who is easily irritable ever since her father's death. Sonny survives a deadly shootout in a bar; he misses his relationship with Annie, who is now living with Davis McAlary. Albert Lambreaux is evicted from the bar he used to operate in. NOPD lieutenant Terry Colson is facing a rise in crime. Real estate developer Nelson Hidalgo arrives in New Orleans with plans to help rebuild the city. Meanwhile, in New York City, Delmond Lambreaux is offended by jazz club guests criticizing New Orleans music and the city's ability to recover, while Janette Desautel is now working in an elite restaurant under the renowned but surly chef Enrico Brulard.



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