On Your Way Down

Do Watcha Wanna

"That's What Lovers Do"

Can I Change My Mind?

Toni bails out Davis from jail for mouthing off to a National Guard officer, and in lieu of payment he begins giving piano lessons to her daughter Sofia. Toni also helps out Antoine Batiste, who is arrested and beaten after bumping a police car with his trombone, and he beseeches her to force the police to return the instrument. Albert finds a teenage boy using his house to have sex with a girl, and releases him with a warning; the next day, the boy's unsuspecting aunt asks if Albert can find a job for her nephew, Darius, while he's out of school. Creighton finds a video that Sofia has posted on a new website called YouTube in which she complains about having to go to boarding school in Baton Rouge while her New Orleans school is closed. Sonny buys Annie a bottle of wine for her birthday, but when Tom McDermott invites her to play with him at a charity benefit and Sonny becomes bored and irritated while waiting for her to finish, he goes home and drinks the wine himself. Albert discovers the body of one of his tribe members decomposing underneath a boat in the man's garage; he and several other Mardi Gras Indians provide a proper memorial.



Everything I Do Gonh Be Funky