On Your Way Down

Do Watcha Wanna

"That's What Lovers Do"

Carnival Time

Davis McAlary is fired from his DJ job; instead of a loan, his father gets him a new position at a local hotel. When he directs three young tourists to a bar in the Seventh Ward and they don't return, Davis is quickly fired. However, he runs into the kids two days later and they thank him for pointing them to "the real New Orleans." Albert tracks down a young man named Skinny who stole Albert's tools, and beats Skinny senseless. Meanwhile, Albert struggles to reassemble his tribe, but only one member is able to show up for practice. Janette Desautel requests a $25,000 loan from her visiting parents to keep her restaurant afloat; her father tells her he can only give her $6,000. Toni believes that she has located Daymo in a Louisiana prison, but when she and LaDonna go to see him, the prisoner brought out to meet them is a stranger.



Everything I Do Gonh Be Funky